DPO as a Service

For many organizations, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates the appointment of an independent Data Protection Officer (DPO). Since GDPR requires this role to be held by an experienced individual with a broad range of expertise, you may not have the necessary internal resources to employ and retain a full time dedicated DPO that meets this criteria.

Whether you do not have the requisite expertise internally or cannot justify the expense of a hiring a full time DPO, DPO as a Service would be an alternative cost-effective solution for you.

This service can be carried out remotely.

The Benefits

• Reduce the costs associated with hiring an internal full time DPO
• Ensure continuity of service
• Focus on your core business while outsourcing your data protection requirements
• Avail of experienced senior consultants with wide-range expertise in data protection activities in various fields and industries
• Develop a data protection framework for your organization and unbiasedly monitor your compliance
• Mitigate the risk of a conflict of interest of the DPO, required under GDPR